A whole load of stuff that has come from my brain.

Here you’ll find all sorts of exciting things I’ve done for clients, from website content to blog articles to creative collaborations. Direct your peepers at it and, if you like it, get in touch! If you don’t, why not look at this instead.


Brief: Provide SEO-­optimised website content, friendly, short, but “corporate” in tone  and write a regular blog in a more informal style. Convey that Bonobo is a small agency with a  personal service, but offers big opportunities for candidates.

Testimonial:  “Thanks to Becky’s sound SEO advice, we’ve moved up several pages on Google. She’s also helped us understand link building so we can continue her work on our own. Becky was easy to work with and was always happy to go through things with us, rewriting and accommodating changes we wanted to make but advising us on the best course. We’re very happy with the website and our blog is doing great.” ­- Calum, recruitment consultant.

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Brief: Ms Experssion is a Spanish graphic designer and we worked together regularly, including creative collaboration, writing and editing for Ms Experssion’s promotional content.

Below is an example of the original advert Ms Experssion brought to me (left) and the result of our collaboration (right). We changed the graphic to better reflect her illustrative style and avoided repetition of the logo, as well as making the 25% discount more prominent and updating the copy to be snappier and more attention-grabbing.

Testimonial: “Wow!! I’m very happy with your work and your suggestions! Definitely, you seem to be the proactive and ‘clever copywriter’ (in your words) I was looking for! Your copy editing and advice are really great!” – Susana Varela (a.k.a. Ms Experssion).



Brief: Translate blog articles aimed at young people from French to English for an event management company, making them fun, quirky and relevant for a young adult audience.