Dancing Shoes And An Oxford Comma Or Two

Newlyweds Mairi and Tommy approached me looking for SEO-optimised website content, an SEO strategy and a handout for their dance company, taking its first steps all the way across the pond in Virginia, US. With a huge range of dance styles and age groups to appeal to and an unusual business model, I had to find my feet pretty quickly (and then my laptop to start typing).


MaiTy Dance offers private dance classes, but Mairi and Ty are currently saving up to build their very own studio. So, for now, they teach their customers how to samba, salsa or just shimmy around a bit in the comfort of their own living room or provide dance lessons at parties for big groups.

This made SEO keyword targeting a bit tricky, as MaiTy can take their dancing shoes just about anywhere, but after some AdWords research we identified strong keywords and decided to focus on the Richmond area.

The MaiTy Dance website needed to inspire people, evoke emotion and get them almost obscenely excited about dance lessons. They wanted powerful language and inspirational quotes and so, despite coming from the “two sentences is far too long” school of copywriting, I unleashed my inner William Wordsworth (within reason).


Another curveball writing website content and a handout for MaiTy was grappling with American English; as my first US client, I had to remember commas in places that would’ve made my primary school teachers wince and there were ‘z’s everywhere. Sorry Mr. Nash.

I also provided MaiTy with a compendium of all my SEO knowledge, as a beginner’s SEO strategy so that MaiTy could take over where I left off. I scribbled down all my clever tips, tricks and sneaky backlink techniques (they’re all above board, really guv) which, I’m pleased to report, has already seen them shoot up to top twenty Google results for both specific and general queries. Hooray!


MaiTy even wrote me a very kind testimonial which, I’ll tell you for free, made me blush:

“Becky has gone above and beyond for us!  Her attention to detail and vast knowledge accompanied by her clear passion for what she does creates a recipe for success.  She is always open to answer questions and responds promptly with revisions consistently making us feel heard and understood.  

We have a unique business structure and Becky took the time to specifically understand what we do and what we need. One of our favorite things about Becky is trust. We just trust her. No matter what you need text for. We feel confident that Becky will get it done quickly and beautifully catering to your distinct needs. We have fully enjoyed our experience with her and strongly recommend her!”

Isn’t that lovely? If you’d like some truly excellent words for your business, you should get in touch to see what I could do for you.

Also, if you’re ever in Richmond, VA and fancy a cha cha cha or a rumba, you’ll be needing MaiTy Dance.



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