A Brochure Of Perfect Health

I was recently asked by Total Health UK to produce text for a brochure with a brief ‘About Us’ and alluring descriptions of their services aimed at industry execs and business bigwigs. Sounds simple? Au contraire readers. This content needed to be written, validated, formatted, printed and on tables for a conference within twelve days. Think the copywriting version of Speed, except it’s 2015 and I’m Keanu Reeves.


Planning the plan

With a deadline tighter than Peter Stringfellow’s undergarments, I set out to understand exactly what Total Health are all about. I read their existing content and website before sitting down with the Total Health team to chat about company ethos, aims, brand values and all those businessy terms.

Total Health wanted some informative words, a salesy word or two and a bucket load of positivity to promote their B2B health and wellbeing services. There was to be no mention of ‘exhausted’ or ‘lethargic’ employees; this text would cover enough ‘engagement’, ‘energy’ and ‘inspiration’ to make Mr. Motivator cancel his lazy Sunday. Total Health aren’t the types to march up to CEOs and tell them how disengaged employees can be; we needed to get organisations excited about optimising the workforce and business growth.


The brochure needed to spark the reader’s curiosity and encourage them to contact Total Health to discover the secrets of increased employee productivity. For digital content I’d simply sow the seeds of strong, regular calls-to-action, but for a brochure the text needed to pack an inspiring, energising punch that stayed with the reader (in a good way).

Ample samples

With all of the above fresh in my mind, I started by writing four ‘samples’. By offering the same text in four different ways, Daniel and Craig were able to pick their favourite and rely on me to produce uniform text and structure throughout the brochure. They decided to lead with the benefits of their wellbeing programmes before explaining, in brief, the varying services in each package. Wise owls.


Within a week, we’d validated the style, tone and structure of the copy and I was able to send off the entire brochure text with plenty of time left over for the designer to design, the printer to print and the conference attendees to, er, attend. ‘What a swift yet fantastically skilled copywriter Becky must be!’, I’m sure you’re thinking – and you’d be right! This entire blog post is shameless self-promotion.

If you’d like to see some examples of my copywriting, head over to my newer-than-Facebook’s-dislike-button portfolio page. If you’ve got a deadline looming like a cotton mill in overdrive, why not enlist my copywriting services for your project? I do like emails: becky@beckythewriter.com


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