Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter (And What We Actually Do)


As a freelance copywriter, I deal with three types of people. Type One is my favourite because they love copywriters; they want to sit on our laps and play with our hair because they know how important great copy is to any form of communication. Type Two thinks I work in copyright. Type Three knows what a copywriter does, but thinks they don’t need one. It’s time to clear things up.

Copywriting, right?

I write copy, which is any kind of text used in advertising. The hilarious packaging on Innocent smoothies? Written by a (genius) copywriter. The less exciting (but very clear and informative) text on a solicitor’s website? Copywriting again. We make sure that every word  is not only perfectly spelt and grammatically gorgeous; we make sure every word is a teeny tiny Times New Roman salesman.

It’s our job, guys

Sounds obvious, but just because you once put some words together and spelt them all right on the first go is not an indicator that you should write your own website copy. We can all hold a paintbrush, but it doesn’t mean we know every trick of the painting and decorating trade. Copywriters know how to make things sound great through variegated verbs, nuanced nouns and awe-inspiring adjectives.

We know things you don’t

When it comes to writing for the web, a clever copywriter can sprinkle some SEO sauce all over your new website and get you more business by climbing the ladder of Google rankings. Or they can make sure your headings are catchy, your informative text is easily digestible and your calls-to-action make people want to jump up and down with excitement. Copywriters know every trick in the book. Great copy leads to great engagement and great conversions.

As flexible as a gymnast made of rubber

A good copywriter can write for accountants, personal trainers, children’s websites, and all industries equally well. We go the extra mile to make sure we understand you and get the exact style of writing you need. There’s a big difference between copy that’s friendly yet business-like, comprehensive and corporate and great fun but totally persuasive; pick a style and the copywriter provideth.


If you have existing material in place, we won’t barge in and rewrite everything like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen on Changing Rooms; great copywriters will get to know your existing content and make their work blend seamlessly in, adapting to your tone of voice and personal style. Just like when Macbeth’s enemies hid in Birnam Wood dressed as trees, we get the job done without anyone spotting us.

Your time is precious

If you’re in charge of sales, or admin, or you’re a web developer or anything else, focus on what you do best. Don’t sacrifice your own work and bash out some half-hearted copy just to have some kind of text out there. People with eyes will read it and they will judge your company from it; make it good and concentrate on doing your own job fantastically without trying to do ours.

A small budget can be a big success

You don’t have to spend an arm, a leg and maybe even a phalange or two to get great copywriting and, equally, a big price tag doesn’t mean your copywriter knows the difference between peaking and piquing. Most copywriters (me included, wink, nudge, say no more, know what I mean?) are happy to provide a free quote for your project and even a sample of work for you, just like those little flipbooks of material in DFS to help match your sofa and drapes.

Give us an inch and we’ll give you a mile

Some clients are reluctant to sit down with a copywriter and establish exactly what they do – and, just as importantly, don’twant. Copywriters love briefs (tee hee), the more detailed the better. If I can understand exactly what a client wants, identify examples of copy they love or hate and get to know just what this copy needs to do, then the client can get on with running their business.

An analogy for the road

Hiring a copywriter is a bit like hiring a personal trainer. Yes, you can go to the gym yourself, lifting weights, running on the treadmill and getting your Arnold Schwarzenegger on for cheap. But hire a personal trainer and they’ll let you in on their expertise, show you new things and improve what you’re already doing. A little expenditure leads to better results for you – in less time.

If you’ve suddenly sat up in your chair and shouted aloud that you need a copywriter more than you need your own fingers, or you’d like to know what kind of sparkling content I could write for you, I’d love to hear from you. Type some words and send them to


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