Do You Know Bonobo?

My last project was for digital recruitment agency Bonobo’s revamped website, providing content for the site and writing their blog, and we’re currently working together on an SEO strategy to boost traffic to Bonobo’s website. Three busy bees (bonobos?).


Calum and Nick, founders of Bonobo, approached me for copywriting and some advice about SEO. They wanted content that was informal yet professional and expressed the core values of Bonobo: getting to know their clients and candidates to make great placements.

I started by identifying Bonobo’s keywords and the area of the UK they wanted to target. I also had a little nosey at their well-ranked competitors before using Google’s AdWords to work out the exact search queries the jobseekers of London were typing with their fingers. Then it was a hop over to Analytics to check out the traffic and CTR of Bonobo’s existing pages to see what was working well for them already.


I wrote strong, keyword-targeted metas for Bonobo and advised them on the importance of simple things like contact details at the bottom of every page, a responsive design and a regular blog to tickle Google’s desire for fresh content.

Bonobo’s bold black-and-yellow colour scheme now has a fresh new look, like a bumblebee that’s been to the hairdresser, as well as SEO-optimised (but still perfectly readable for your peepers) content.

If you’re looking for a snazzy job in the digital sector you should head over to the Bonobo website. If you want a copywriter who’s absolutely brilliant and knows a thing or two about SEO, you should type out a nice email and send it to:


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